The majority of my writing is in the form of co-authored journal articles. I’ve made them available to download below.

I find the usual numbering-in-reverse-chronological-ordering of journal articles to be rather boring and uninspiring, and so I’ve tried to group my writing pieces into themes as you will find below. You are of course welcome to view my Google Scholar Profile or my CV and have them ordered by year, if you prefer.

Wildlife Monitoring and Assessment

Smith AC, Binley A, Daly L, Edwards BPM, Ethier D, Frei B, Iles D, Meehan TD, Michel NL, Smith PA. (2023) Spatially explicit Bayesian hierarchical models improve estimates of avian population status and trends. To appear in Ornithological Applications. Preprint:

Soroye P, Edwards BPM, Buxton RT, Ethier JP, Frempong-Manso A, Keefe H, Berberi A, Roach-Krajewski M, Binley AD, Vincent JG, Cooke SJ, Bennett JR. (2022). The risks and rewards of community science for threatened species monitoring. Conservation Science and Practice 4(9), e12788.

Edwards BPM, Watson AP, Earley CG. (2022). The University of Guelph’s Arboretum Winter Bird Count, 1980 –2022. Ontario Birds 40(1):43-56.

Edwards BPM, Smith AC. (2021). bbsBayes: An R Package for Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis of North American Breeding Bird Survey Data. Journal of Open Research Software 9(1).

Smith AC, Edwards BPM. (2021). North American Breeding Bird Survey status and trend estimates to inform a wide-range of conservation needs, using a flexible Bayesian hierarchical generalized additive model. Ornithological Applications 123(1).

Conservation Policy

Cooke SJ, Soroye P, Brooks JL, Clarke J, Jeanson AL, Berberi A, Piczak ML, Reid CH, Desforges JE, Guay JD, Drake AK, Jardine AM, Ethier JP, Keefe HE, Medd AM, Edwards BPM, et al. (2021). Ten considerations for conservation policy makers for the post-COVID-19 transition. Environmental Reviews 29(999).


Edwards BPM, Smith AC, Docherty TGS, Gahbauer MA, Gillespie CR, Grinde AR, Harmer T, Iles DT, Matsuoka SM, Michel NL, Murray A, Niemi GJ, Pasher J, Pavlacky Jr DC, Robinson BG, Ryder TB, Sólymos P, Stralberg D, Zlonis EJ. (2023). Point Count Offsets for Estimating Population Sizes of North American Landbirds. Ibis 165(2):482-503.

Ecological Modelling

Gillis D, Edwards BPM. (2019). The utility of joinpoint regression for estimating population parameters given changes in population structure. Heliyon 5(11), e02515.

Rose D, Edwards BPM, Kett R, Yodzis M, Angevaare J, Gillis D. (2017). Exploring Anthropogenic Activities and Management Decisions Using a Novel Environmental Agent Based Model. 2017 IEEE Canada International Humanitarian Technology Conference (IHTC), 85-89.

Natural History Notes

Edwards BPM, Binley AD, English WB, Hudgins EJ, Snow SS. (2022). A highly anomalous Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus) song. Canadian Field-Naturalist 136(1):1-4.

Edwards BPM, Bouman M. (2022). A possible Canvasback X Ruddy Duck hybrid. Ontario Birds 40(1):23-27.

Open Science

Braga PHP, Hébert K, Hudgins EJ, Scott ER, Edwards BPM, Sánchez-Reyes LL, Grainger MJ, Foroughirad V, Hilleman F, Binley AD, Brookson CB, Gaynor KM, Sabet SS, Güncan A, Weierbach H, Gomes DGE, Crystal-Ornelas R. (2023). Not Just for Programmers: How Github Can Accelerate Collaborative and Reproducible Research in Ecology and Evolution. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 14(6):1364-1380.

Binley AD, Edwards BPM, Dansereau G, Knight EC, Momeni-Dehaghi I. (2023). Minimizing Data Waste: Conservation in the Big Data Era. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 104(2):e02056.