Brandon Edwards

About Me

I'm a Computer Science and Statistics undergraduate student at the University of Guelph. My academic interests lie in ecological modelling and population risk assessment. I'm currently completing my first co-op term with Dr. Daniel Gillis in the School of Computer Science, University of Guelph. During this work term, I am developing an implementation of an environmental agent-based model to assess the effects of anthropogenic activities on endangered piping plovers.

My other interests involve citizen science, ornithology, and photography. I spend much of my free time birdwatching and contributing data to citizen science platforms such as eBird and iNaturalist. One day, I hope to do a big year, whether it be in Ontario, Canada, or Worldwide.

Co-Op Work Term 1

My first work term will be taking place at the University of Guelph this Summer 2017. I will be investigating and modelling anthropogenic effects on shorebird habitats. Check back soon for the work report!


Computer science and ornithology don't appear to go hand-in-hand at first glance. Luckily for me, they actually go quite well together!

Follow my birding adventures, as well as my musings on combining computer science and ornithology, on my blog: Comp Sci Birder.


I try to take photos of the birds I see while I'm out birding. Sometimes I succeed.

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